Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry in Brentwood

Awarded LA’s Best Cosmetic Dentist for 2014

Most people will never experience the health and cosmetic benefits of having the most ideal jaw position for their facial structure, even though it is easily achieved with today’s technology

- Dr. Sam Muslin

Dr. Sam Muslin and patients featured on The Doctors TV Show. Featuring the surprising non-surgical benefits to the shape of the patient’s face along with the health benefits of establishing an ideal jaw position that function harmoniously with the bite.


Elite Cosmetic Dentistry – not good enough!

Reaching your natural biologic potential without surgery, fillers or grinding down your teeth makes the treatment fast and painless.  The idea is to maximize your jaw position to your TMJ and gain a facial structure that reverses years of aging.  The beauty of this treatment and what makes it so much less difficult is that all of your healthy tooth structure stays intact.  The combination of the latest dental technologies and artistry now has the ability to improve the shape of the patient’s face non-invasively and non-surgically with Face Lift Dentistry ®. Patients can achieve results far superior to porcelain veneers because porcelain veneers only help the patient when they are smiling and does not generally improve health.  Veneers are purely cosmetic and have limited potential. Smiles can be made a little wider with veneers but VENLAYS ® have a much greater potential cosmetically and biologically.

Ultimate Anti-Aging Dentistry – not good enough!

Cosmetic Dentistry in Brentwood CA through Sam Muslin's Face Lift Dentistry ® Treatment

This patient realized that “one tooth at a time type of dentistry” leaves him older looking and with a bite that has worn down. He never realized that the reason he looks older and feels older is that is worn down bite compromises his health and his appearance. His health and his face have improved in just a couple of weeks with Face Lift Dentistry ®.

You Can’t Look Younger if You Don’t Feel Younger

The goal is for the patient’s entire face to look better in every position and from every angle. “Smile dentistry” cannot accomplish the maximum potential of the patient and most of the time, “smiles” and porcelain veneers hurt the healthy of the patient because the teeth have to be ground down. Patients from 17 to 93 can improve their appearance, their facial profile, their smile and especially their health improved without having to grind down their healthy tooth structure.  They can look and feel better without any type of facial surgery. These patients look naturally younger and the treatment can help with the patient’s facial profile. Does your chin look small? The treatment also includes a unique method of neuromuscular dentistry without the use of electrodes for the treatment of the TMJ.


Neuromuscular Dentistry & TMJ Treatment

We all want to live healthy lives but now we can reach our biologic potential with dental care that improves the shapes of our faces, improves the chin position and facial profile.  It is all about maximizing your genetic potential to live a longer healthier life.

This patient had jaw pain and a narrow smile. You can’t fix that with porcelain veneers and traditional cosmetic dentistry. In the after photo her face is more relaxed, she has a wider smile and an elegant appearance. Treatment typically only takes a few visits 2 weeks apart.

A Relaxed Jaw helps you Live Longer

The benefits of Face Lift Dentistry ® include a better jaw positioning that naturally occurs when Dr. Muslin creates the best possible bite for the patient. Dr. Muslin utilizes Complex Motion Tomography (a jaw joint imaging technology) with ultra low radiation exposure to see the position of the patient’s lower jaw quickly and easily right in his office.  He can easily test this new position so the patient can experience how they will look and how they will feel before treatment actually gets started.  Patients love the idea that it is tested in advance.  They love the fact that they will know how much this treatment can do for them. Neuromuscular dentistry is more predictable when Complex Motion Tomography is utilized when viewing the position of the TMJ in Dr. Muslin’s opinion. The TMJ or jaw joint is a vital component in the health and comfort of the patient.  Dr. Muslin is a Master of the Academy of General Dentistry and received the International College of Dentists Award.

Why He Was Awarded LA’s Best Cosmetic Dentist For 2014

Because he works on patients that fly in from all over the world, he needs to be able to deliver highly predictable care.  In order to do so he is one of the very few dentists that has 10 fully adjustable articulators or jaw joint simulators for each patient while they are receiving Face Lift Dentistry ®. Dr. Muslin says, “individual jaw joint simulators for each patient is more accurate and predictable because I am not putting another patient on it.  Each patient stays on the same bite simulation for the entire duration of his or her care.  With this method there are far less errors”. “The quality of care becomes more predictable with the best possible technology and over 30 years of experience using it”.  Additionally, he has his own ceramist that can made modifications overnight in most cases and can complete an entire mouth in just one week for those VIP patients.

Overbite Correction – Porcelain Veneers and Porcelain Crowns

The following patient already has her two front teeth crowned with porcelain but all of her other teeth are healthy and natural.  She was able to get her overbite corrected, her smile widened, her teeth lengthened, her facial profile dramatically improve, headache relief and looks years younger.  The most incredible part of her treatment besides the surprising benefits is that none of her healthy teeth had to be ground down! You cannot get this kind of result with porcelain veneers.

Just looking at her face in the before photo shows that she has a lot of jaw strain when she bites her teeth together. In the after photo, she has much less jaw strain that will help her live a longer and healthier life. Just imagine the possible health benefits of having significant less TMJ stress and strain for the rest of your life.

Full Mouth Reconstruction? (boring)

The latest development in non-invasive bite treatment is Venlay ® bite correction restorations combined with Face Lift Dentistry ®.  As Dr. Muslin says, “this is the new age of dentistry”.  Patients can now look their very best and keep all of their individual characteristics. When creating the porcelain restorations he works on every on of them personally. He is able to observe the patient in various positions during the speaking and smiling process to create the best tooth length and angles that would be ideal for each patient. Few dentists in the country have the experience and expertise to coordinate the complex motion tomography, neuromuscular dentistry, jaw simulators, dental implants (if necessary) VENLAY ® non-invasive restorations and the artistic ability to create natural looking faces. Patients can have cosmetic benefits not available with any other method.  Dentistry has the ability to improve the shape of the patient’s face and transform their health to the patient’s biologic potential.

Under Bite Correction without Surgery

This is one of the most significant developments in the field of modern dentistry.  Patients with under bites are all being told that they needed jaw surgery and braces for a couple of years to correct the under bite.  They will miss work or school and take a significant risk getting this treatment.  Today, the under bite can be corrected without surgery in just a couple of weeks without grinding down the healthy tooth structure.  The patient below flew in from Chicago after agonizing for over 8 years about avoiding the orthognathic jaw surgery and braces.

This patient is biting his teeth together in both photos and to put it in his own words, “Dr. Muslin has exceeded all of my expectations and my parents expectations, this is truly a remarkably easy procedure that is incredible”.

Under Bite Correction – No Surgery & No Braces

When patients realize that they can be treated predictably and in some cases superiorly to surgery and braces, they become excited about the possibilities.  Some extreme under bite patients would be better served with surgery and braces but many under bite correction patients can have this new method that has much less risk.  The following patient was treated with Venlay ® restorations and Face Lift Dentistry ® to correct her overbite and give her permanently whiter teeth.  None of her teeth were ground down and the treatment took only a few visits two weeks apart.  Think of all of the visits and time going to the orthodontist during a 2 year period and think of the risks to treatment and the hospitalization required.


This patient was so excited because she hated the size of her lower jaw. She wanted something done but refuses to get the jaw surgery and braces again. She even had her Mother fly in from Virginia to see the results before bonding. They were both shocked at the quality and were so happy that they signed a release form giving permission to share her results with the world. “I wanted to help other people learn about the under bite correction alternative”.

Overbite Correction – Reaching Maximum Potential

This patient received a new bite with improvements in the length of her teeth and the width of her smile.  She has straight teeth but is showing signs of wear.  Rather that wait until it gets worse, she decided to treat herself to the best jaw position for her face and get a new ultra thin high tech porcelain layer built over her natural healthy teeth.  None of her teeth had to be ground down so the treatment is almost completely painless.  Not grinding down healthy teeth is definitely far less traumatic and much better for the patient’s health.  Porcelain veneers are non-invasive but you cannot improve the bite and the shape of the face with veneers.

She has good teeth and a good smile but why live with mediocrity? She wanted the best possible bite and smile that supported her face and improved her health. Every single tooth in her mouth has a new high tech Venlay ® restoration that prevents premature aging and improves her health.

Before and After Photos of Non-Invasive Dentistry

The ability to add new porcelain over the top of natural untouched tooth structure and make it look natural is a gift. It takes time and effort to create a natural looking face with the best possible bite and Face Lift Dentistry ®, by definition, is the ultimate level of dental health care possible. She had her bite lifted, her jaw joint naturally repositioned, her teeth permanently whitened, her smile widened all within about 6 visits.  Patients that are in a hurry or that fly in from other states or countries get their treatment much quicker.  Dr. Muslin sees patients that fly in from all over the world to receive his exclusive care.

Maximizing your “Genetic Potential” with idealizing your jaw position.

This treatment is about 10 years old and is still going strong.  Not many dentists would be willing to show close-up photos of their work.  The photos were taken in the office with a flash camera and still look natural.  He works hard to give the patient what he calls “biologic variability” to give his work a natural appearance.

If you would like to relate how this treatment can benefit you, the best thing is to fly into Santa Monica and meet this dentist personally.  The second best thing you can do is call the office to discuss your issues and possibly send us photos of your face, teeth and bite.

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