Custom Made Porcelain Veneers

High-Tech Porcelain Veneers by Dr. Sam Muslin

Precision Dental Laboratory Processes

Prerequisites in Reconstructive Dentistry

Dr. Muslin’s involvement in the profession of reconstructive dentistry was established early in his career. The level of commitment and dedication of purpose is borne out by his investments of professional interest and desire to have ready access to the widest spectrum of technologies available. He also possesses credentials that are shared by only 1% of dental professionals.

High Tech Operatories

Air borne and equipment related contaminants were discovered long ago by Dr. Muslin to have a major influence on successful treatment outcomes in dental care…. from basic to complex. To date, our operatories are some of the most advanced in the entire country. Premium controls over sterilization issues and contaminant free rapid air exchange systems assure each and every patient a level of quality that few practices can offer.

Computer Assisted Diagnostic Tools

Perfection in fabrication processes is the goal of any dentist and dental laboratory. The first step in moving toward this goal requires the ability to obtain the most accurate assessments in diagnosis and measurement of needed components.

As seen in this adjacent photo, our patients have the assurance of computer based diagnostic tools and optical magnification technologies that generate the level of precision that Dr. Muslin requires.

Critical Controls

Since dental component failure can result from inadequate or faulty communication between a dentist and a dental laboratory facility, some doctors overcome this potential treatment failure issue by developing their own in-office dental labs.

Dr. Muslin has achieved the advantage of maintaining a cutting edge operatory environment and having immediate access to a dental lab that shares the technologies he uses on a routine basis in his operatories. The technology sharing process virtually eliminates the common causes for fabrication errors, thereby resulting in a higher level of treatment quality.

State of the Art Optical Imaging and Magnification

The adjacent photo represents an optical imaging discussion with the laboratory technician that is derived from technical data that originated from Dr. Muslin’s diagnostic equipment. All technical data and specifications are identical between Dr. Muslin and the Laboratory. There is absolutely no room for error.

As treatment progresses in practically any restorative or reconstructive dentistry procedure, critical adjustments in individual components… or a collection of components are effortlessly managed between Dr. Muslin and his laboratory resources with the computer technologies and advanced microscopy.

In this photo Dr. Muslin is discussing certain occlusal relationships that are indistinguishable without specialized magnification and microscope based equipment.

Immediate Laboratory Access

This level of technical detail is a routine service our patients enjoy having. Minimization of error.

During those times when adjustments are needed when a patient is present in Dr. Muslin’s office, the laboratory technician and all applicable resources are available for immediate use…. something that is not possible with “normal” dental labs. In most average dental practices, patients are required to return for adjustments because the lab work has to be returned.

Our last photo shows Dr. Muslin and the Laboratory Technician confirming final adjustments and refinements to the impressions that will be used for fabricating the final reconstructive components.

Articulation devices are used here to confirm the final occlusal relationships required within the treatment plan.

Want to learn more about cutting edge technologies?

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As in any dentistry consult, obtain the information you need for making an informed decision about your dental care.