Straight Teeth Without Braces

Instant Orthodontics

Straight Teeth without Braces

Instant Braces Update

Patients that have crooked teeth can now be treated quickly and accomplish much more than orthodontics.  These patient don’t have to wait 2 years for straight teeth and sometimes after two years of braces the teeth are still worn down, out of proportion and very yellow.

The End of Crooked Teeth

Instant braces can give the patient straight white teeth in only two weeks using a variety of dental technologies that would be the best for each patient.

Latest Update: Aug 31, 2010

Instant Braces – Straight Teeth in Two Weeks

Instant Orthodontics has become a popular dental procedure that actually refers to multiple cosmetic and reconstructive procedures and products that achieve an aesthetic result without the use of procedures typically provided by an orthodontist.

Patients who seek this type of procedure usually have a desire to change the appearance of rotated, uneven, chipped, fractured or even twisted teeth. Filling in the gaps between teeth is also a strong desire.

Instant Braces - Straight Teeth in 2 Weeks!

As can be seen in this photo, the patient had several orthodontic issues that he wanted treatment for. He had four crooked teeth as a result of being hit directly in the face with a softball. Quite traumatic.

Our patient had consulted with other dentists and was not interested in the “recommended treatment. He was told by several doctors that orthodontic braces would be the preferred treatment.

Not so… our patient was not interested in traditional orthodontic treatment. He did not want to wear braces, which could take years… and then be faced with the prospect of wearing retainers for the rest of his life. The goal of the patient was to have perfectly straight teeth that would be as attractive as possible.

Artistic Creativity – Instant Orthodontics

Dr. Muslin, by working closely with his ceramist… was able to create individual precision porcelain veneers that would create the orthodontic result the patient was looking for.

Porcelain veneer bonding is a skill that is learned through formal training. The ability to use porcelain veneer technologies in a truly creative and artistic fashion however requires years of experience and know how.

Dr. Muslin has the technical skill and creative “eye” to produce aesthetic results that can be quite dramatic, as seen in the adjoining photo.

Each veneer laminate was handcrafted to compensate for the differences in shape, size and rotation of each affected tooth. The cosmetic results give the appearance of the teeth being moved into an orthodontically balanced smile.

In cases where porcelain veneers are applied to only a few teeth (as compared to a full mouth makeover) it is essential to match the color of the new veneers with the surrounding teeth. Most patients under Dr. Muslin’s care typically undergo a customized teeth whitening procedure, based on individual need.

In Dr. Muslin’s office there are a wide variety of teeth whitening procedures and products available to patients including BriteSmile, ZOOM, Rembrandt and even Crest Teeth Whitening Strips. Everyone has a unique dental need and therefore will have different requirements for achieving the brightest degree of white possible.

Once the desired degree of whiteness is achieved with this patient, Dr. Muslin applied only 4 porcelain veneers that had matching qualities of whiteness and translucency. Sightly gaps and spaces literally vanished with the customized veneers. The appearance of crooked teeth and other orthodontic imperfections became corrected…. in only a couple of weeks.

Patients who undergo Instant Orthodontics are typically involved in a treatment plan that requires from a few weeks to several weeks, as contrasted to one or more years of wearing braces.

Have questions about this popular alternative to wearing braces to straighten your smile? Contact Dr. Muslin and his staff at (310) 829-6796 to arrange an appointment for a free consultation.