Same Day Dental Implants

Dental Implant Technology

Immediate Placement Dental Implants

One of the more recent, cutting edge technologies developed by Brånemark (a product of Nobel Biocare) that is now available to many patients is Immediate Load or Immediate Placement dental implants. This unique procedure enables Dr. Muslin to install crowns on the same day (or within 2-3 days for some cases) after the implant device is installed.

Candidacy for 1-Day Implants

Candidacy for same day implants requires adequate bone structure to accommodate the implant device.

Depending upon the actual implant site… bone density requirements would vary, along with the type of implant device required (different types of implants exist for different areas of the upper (maxillary) and lower (mandible) jaws.

Latest Dental Implants Update

Dental implants must remain perfectly still during the healing process to achieve a high success rate. The problem with 1 day dental implants is that the bone does not have enough time to heal. The bone needs a few months to heal or adapt to the implant. Even micro movements will cause less bone to adapt to the implant which jeopardizes the success of the implant. More 1 day implants were failing than would normally would occur because the dentists were adding the crown the same day as the placement of the dental implant. The one day dental implant failure rate was too high. One day dental implants do work in people with a lot of jaw bone of high density but most patients do not have that type of jaw bone.

The second problem caused by one day dental implants is that if they fail, the patient looses more precious jaw bone. Sometimes there is not enough jaw bone to place a new dental implant unless the patient undergoes bone graft surgery.

Had the dental implant been placed properly with no micro movements or pressure loading of any kind, the success rate is over 90% with far less complications. It is important to find a implant dentist that does not promise too much and gamble with your care because the consequences are costly, time consuming and painful. My recommendation is to find the dentist that understands all of the variables involved so he or she can make the best dental decisions with the highest prognosis or success rate. One day dental implants are a possibility, but the implant dentist must pay attention to the details!

Updated on Aug 31, 2010

Preparation for Dental Implants

Preparation for the implant begins immediately following a successful extraction.

The affected tooth (teeth) are carefully extracted, assuring minimal or no loss of bone material. Incrementally sized implant drill bits (small to large) are used to create a healthy implant site. Using a series of drill bits in this fashion helps prevent implant failure due to overheating of boney tissue and bone removal that is too coarse.

Once the implant device is installed, a temporary crown is placed on the implant and adjusted so biting forces are controlled, while osseointegration takes place, normally requiring 3-6 months. When the integration of the implant and jawbone is complete, the temporary crown is replaced with a custom fabricated porcelain crown.

Final bite and occlusion properties of the new implant(s) are factored by Dr. Muslin to assure either maintenance of the patient’s existing bite… or in severe cases, re-creation of a normal bite and jawbone relationship that is critical for long term dental health.

The usual 3 to 6 month waiting period for a new tooth (or multiple teeth), as in traditional implant dentistry, is eliminated. Dr. Muslin’s placement of temporary crowns eliminates the toothless appearance that patients want to avoid during implant dentistry.

Traditional Implant Dentistry

Traditional implant procedures are available for those patients who are not candidates for Immediate Load implants.

Patients needing bone graft or gum tissue graft surgery would be treated initially with procedures to re-stabilize any hard and soft tissue deficits. Regular dental implants would accompany these types of treatment plans.

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Patients who are presently using dentures or are candidates for dentures are able to benefit considerably from the use of implant anchors that afix their dentures. Ill fitting, loose, gagging and other near-intolerable features of denture use are practically eliminated.

Dr. Muslin, like many dentistry professionals, consider the fitting for dentures as a procedure of choice only when all other methods and treatments to preserve natural teeth and jaw function have been exhausted.

Learn more about the wonders of dental implants. Clearly the fastest growing tooth replacement technology available today. Obtain the information you need for making practical and “informed” decisions affecting your dental health.