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Dental Implants

Implant Dentistry is becoming the procedure of choice for patients seeking long term endurance of restorative dental components and/or establishing dental function that in many cases, Mother Nature doesn’t even provide.

Dr. Muslin uses a variety of proven implant technologies for replacing individual teeth, replacing several teeth, creating implant anchors for premium bridges and the now popular use of mini implants or standard implants for anchoring dentures and advanced (celebrity style) prosthodontics.

Implants – Unsurpassed Endurance and Function

It is well known that implants certainly can play a critical role for recreating smiles or dental function. What many patients don’t realize is how important technical aspects of implants are.

The application and use of certain implant procedures combined with the “correct” implant materials is what determines how successful the treatment will be.. and how long it endures.

Implant Failure Problems

Like many other dental treatments, implant failures are usually not due to product failures but instead are related to a variety of factors including mis-matches of technologies, products, implant site characteristics, implant preparation and in some instances, even patient “behaviors”… to name a few.

Dr. Muslin assures his patients that the implant procedure precisely matches the cosmetic and reconstructive goal or need of the patient. Nobel Biocare, well known for it’s implant technologies, is aware of the differences of patient need and thereby provides a wide variety of implant materials that are suited for particular applications.

Implant Dentistry – One Size Does Not Fit All

When considering dental implants, it is important to know the different types of implant materials used for anterior (front) tooth replacement, implants for anchoring various types of bridgework and implant elements for posterior (back) teeth and molars. Visit our Before and After Photo Gallery for seeing actual patient case histories of creative implant treatments.

For denture wearers, our office provides the perfect implant solution for patients who want to eliminate problems of ill fitting, loose, gagging and other near-intolerable features of denture use.

It should be understood there is no “one size fits all” concept in the use of implant devices.

This critical matching process of technology and application is closely monitored in our office to assure implant patients maximum benefit of cosmetic result …. and perhaps more importantly… long term endurance.

Same Day Implants are popular for patients who desire to avoid a toothless appearance while the implant site(s) is/are healing.

Computerized Engineering Applications in Dentistry

Many patients who have bone density problems (either existing or potential) or jawbone structures that are unusual (genetic, trauma or disease based), oftentimes assume that implant dentistry is not a reasonable option or treatment.

Advances in Biomedical and Dental Engineering sciences now enable Dr. Muslin to use a state of the art Computer Guided Implant (SimPlant) technology that can assures successful implant treatments for practically any special need.